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About Anna

"I just received my first order from you, and may I say... wow"

Dunkirk, OH
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Don't Take Our Word For It!

Fresh Incense Burns Longer and Smells Better.

People around the world come back again and again for Anna's Incense. If you Love Anna's Incense, don't just tell your friends, tell the world! We'll post your comments!

Rachel from Holland, MI

I just received my first order of incense and can't believe how wonderful they all smell! I had read a lot of the testimonials on Anna's website and I am just as happy as the rest of your customers. I WILL definitely be ordering again from you! Fast shipping, great customer service, fresh incense and awesome scents! As I type this I have an Pussy incense stick still burning strong and it's been over 45 minutes. This is a very unique scent and would definitely recommend it. Thanks again!!!

GB from Fort Worth, TX

Got my order today and I really enjoy the scents. Top quality stuff. Thank you Anna.

Lisa from Oakville, ON

These are my absolute favourite incense, ever! They smell sooo good - I love the disaster packs! I just received the Christmas one and my senses are feeling festive and fabulous!!! These are so much better than the junk you buy at the mall, that smells boring like "mountains" or "sea" or something lame. SO AWESOME. And delivered SO FAST!!!! Thanks for being the best Anna's Incense!!!!

Heather from White Bear Lake, MN

Anna's Incense are top notch hands down the best quality ones I've ever burned in 10 years!!! I will continue to order future sticks from here forever!!! I also found Anna's Incense on Facebook and told all my friends about Anna's! Thanks for the best incense ever!!! P.S Where have you been all my life????

Courtney from Fort Meade, MD

I just purchased a pack of all the Holiday scents for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves them! I have over 200 sticks but as soon as we run out we'll be back to purchase new scents and some sage. Your service was great and the shipping was very fast. You have new customers for life.

Tina from KY

I have ordered from Anna's multiple times and every time fragrances only get better and service from time of ordering to time of delivery is excellent. KUDO'S to All involved. Keep up the Great Work...I am a Lifetime Customer!!

Beau from La Mesa, CA

Just had my first experience w/ you guys and just wanted to say WOW and give you a good 'ol pat on the back...I placed my order Friday afternoon, got em in the mail Thursday! Super fast shipping!!! But enough about the quickness of the shipping... I know everyone has a deeper question. The incense. How do they smell? WONDERFULL! I will definitely be placing another order w/ Anna. Thanks again! Keep up the GREAT work!

Kathrine from Navarre, FL

We've been ordering from Anna's a little over two years now. We moved to a new house and state and Anna's moved with us! It's just not a home without Anna's incense! You guys are the best!

Susie from Hallstead, PA

I so enjoy and appreciate your incense scents, and can't imagine life without them!  The neat smells always add a little sunshine to my day notwithstanding the weather outside. :O).

Joanna from Toronto, ON

I was so excited to get my order that as soon as I got home, I went and lit one right away. I chose French Vanilla.. and to my glorious surprise I was so surprised to find that it ACTUALLY SMELLED LIKE FRENCH VANILLA!  Thank you so much!

Kim from Pigeon, MI

I just received my order in the mail..burnt my first incense and I just wanted to say WOW!!!! I will never buy my incense any where else but through you..they are wonderful..I also ordered one of your glass jar burners and I love it..

Sasha from Brampton, ON

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the order I recently received. I can say with definite confidence that these incense are the best that I have come across yet. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the whole process as well; your website is great, shipping was very fast, and of course the product is excellent. I will be recommending you to everyone I know who enjoys incense. Keep up the great work!

Harrison from Los Angeles, CA

I have been using one of your unique glass burners and incense for a few weeks now. I love them so much! Thanks for the great incense and everything else. Cheers!

Patti from Barrie, ON

I recently received my order. Thank you for such timely shipping and supplying such a wonderful product.  We will especially enjoy the glass incense burners. I can't wait to get home to use one!

Sheri from Wabeno, WI

Thank you for a super product!!! I was looking forward to it's arrival, and was NOT disappointed!!! I have been looking for a quality incense for a while, as the gentleman I used to get hand dipped incense from had passed away. I will definitely be a repeat customer!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Shirley from Hannibal, MO

I just wanted to say that your incense are hands down the very best that I have burned.  Until next time I am going to sit back and enjoy my pumpkin pie incense and you have a great day!

Kim from Huntington Beach, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and am very happy! All your incense is wonderfully fresh like you promised and I love the the glass Sine-Wave burner. I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again very soon.  Thank you!

Bud from Lacona, NY

Way back in March (2009) i bought two packages of the spring disaster packs.  As of today i am down to the last stick in the first package, i have loved the scents of every stick i burned and i have found your incense to be the very best i have used.  i am so pleased to have discovered you on the Internet.  Thank you for making such fine incense.

Barb from Whitmore Lake, MI

Just a note to let you know my shipment arrived yesterday and everything is fine. Thank-you for that coffin box!!!   I am using it as we speak!!  

I have to tell you, I am not your typical incense burner customer!  I never knew what incense was - until   about 10 years ago!  I am a 71 year old grandma!  About 10 years ago, my daughter who had recently married -  and then purchased their first home - and therefore -  could  have the Doberman puppy she always wanted - did so !  Well, her dad and I went to visit and of course, had to meet our new “grand-doggie “.  Well, she was being potty-trained, so Kristi had her down in the basement at the time.  So, we all went down to meet "Kohle " .  After the greeting , jumping , licking , etc. , I realized it smelled good down there !!   So ,  I  mentioned it to Kristi and she said , " Oh ,  I burn incense to mask the doggie odors until we get her potty trained ! "  So , I asked her all about it - where she got it , etc .  She told me , and she even gave me a burner and some incense !!  About 6  years ago , when my hubby got me a computer , someone told me about looking for web sites that sold incense !  I found yours!  Every morning, before I even put the coffee on , I get an incense going and my kitchen smells wonderful  !!  I have people come in and go , " WOW -  What smells so good in here ? " and I proceed to tell them !!        By the way , my daughter in Vegas ( professor of music - teaching at a local college )will be ordering from you shortly.  Sorry I've carried on so --  Just once again - Thank-you so very much  - and -MERRY CHRISTMAS

Larry and Mary from Littleton, CO

Mary and I discovered you A year ago, and have used your product to enhance or nightly wii practice. At 77 we're very pleased with your product.

Rachelle from Hawkins, TX 

Just dropping a note to say I am highly satisfied with the spring mix disaster pack. All the floral smells are so beautifully fragranced. I will be getting more in the near future. I have always found your ordering process to be hassle free and customer service is excellent. Thank you for being such a wonderful company to deal with. You have a repeat customer for life. - Rachelle

Neil, from Vancouver, BC CANADA

I was in your store yesterday in Hope, BC, along with a friend. She and I bought a fair bit of incense and I just got to start burning the first stick now. I LOVE it. I will definitely be back (once I run out) and buy more, and I will be directing all of my friends to you. This stuff is AWESOME! - Neil

Shilo from Chilliwack, BC CANADA

Thanks so much! My order got here SO fast! I love the incense. After I placed my order, I spoke to my friend Stephanie who lives out in Hope. I mentioned I ordered incense online from your store and she ALSO told me how fantastic you were. I was relieved, as sometimes buying online can be scary. Needless to say, her high recommendations were 100% on the mark. Thank you for your product and your speedy service. - Shilo

Dave from Ormond Beach, FL

I received my incense yesterday and have tried several including the new "Egyptian Musk" that you recommended. I am thrilled to tell you that I love it. It's an incredible scent that's not too heavy yet very pleasing. I have no idea how to describe scents, especially over the Internet but you definitely picked a good one there. If I were to try and explain to someone who has never burned incense what it smells like, well, I just don't know, but one thing is for sure, you sure have great incense.

My wife is sensitive to certain types of incense because they give her headaches. I've had to toss several other brands but your incense never seems to cause her any irritation. She actually enjoys it as much as I do. And that's saying a lot for someone who never used incense before she met me.

Thank you so much for your quick service and all the incredible incense you sell. I'm an incense nut so it won't be too long before I am ordering more. Again, thanks so much and have a great springtime. - Dave

Phil from Fort McMurray, AB

The delicious scent of Sandalwood is wafting around my living room and it is absolutely lovely! I've only ever used mass produced incense before and I really see and smell a difference in your product...I'm really pleased! Thanks a'll definitely be getting another order from me once the supply runs down. All the best, no non-scents - Phil

Matt from Topeka, KS

I got the order, that was very quick shipping. The incense are wonderful, smell great and burn slowly so they seem to last a while. Pretty decent deal for your money too. Looking forward to buying a disaster pack soon. - Matt

Eric from Ontario, CANADA

I received my order yesterday and opened it this morning. Lit up a couple of sticks today while doing some Pilate's and afterwards some cooking. Outstanding incense. Love it. All the reviews about your products were on the mark. Super quality, no more burning eyes, sore throat and black smoke like when using the cheap stuff. I'll use some outside to keep away the mosquitoes and maybe the bears this summer too LOL! I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Keep up the good work. Thank you again for a wonderful product and great service.  Kudos. Regards Eric.....:)

Rebecca from Alpena, MI

I received my order yesterday and I haven't stopped burning your incense since. By far your incense is the best incense that I have ever used. The aroma is wonderful but not too overpowering. I absolutely love them. You have a customer for life. - Rebecca

Carla from Augusta, GA

I got my order and I am so pleased!!! I don't know why I have ever bought from anyone else. You can expect me to come back when I need some more. Thanks a lot! - Carla

Harrison from Los Angeles, CA

I have been using one of your unique burners and incense for a few weeks now. I love them so much! Thanks for the great incense, customer service and everything else. Cheers! - Harrison

Pam from Denver, CO

I ordered some incense from you and I would like to tell you how absolutely wonderful your incense is. I enjoy it so much and the variety and quality are excellent. I found out about your incense from a good friend of mine Richard from Denver, CO. Richard has been ordering your incense for quite some time, now. He absolutely loves it and enjoys it as much as I do. I visit Richard every now and then and so many times in the past when I entered his house, I would smell this wonderful wonderful aroma. Finally, one day I asked him about it and he was indeed very excited to tell me all about your wonderful incense. Immediately, he showed me all the different incense aromas he had just received from you and even sent home with me some information he had received about your incense. I was so excited! Richard just couldn't say enough good and wonderful things about you and your incense. So I have to agree, the quality and promptness of your ordering and receiving process is definitely to be very highly commended and very much appreciated by not only myself, but I am sure by all who have become your lucky customers. Thank You for all the enjoyment your incense gives not only me, but I am sure to all others who use it. - Pam

Charlie from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with your incense! I have tried several other big-name brands of incense, but none as good as yours. I ordered the disaster pack a few weeks ago, and finally got some time to burn a stick, and I couldn't believe what I was experiencing! The scent was incredible and I couldn't believe how long lasting the sticks are! You certainly have a satisfied customer here! I will be ordering from you for the rest of my life! - Charlie

Sia from NY, NY

Thank you for such great smelling incense and once all the incense I bought is gone, I will order more. I am happy you care for your customers so much, you see them as friends...- Sia

Andrew from Louisville, KY

Your service is great and so far your whole company is great too! The package arrived today and now I have been struggling to decide which one to try first. I just wanted to say thanks and if the sticks are even half as good as your professionalism and great website setup I will be a repeat customer. (I don't think there will be a problem though I have smelled and looked at all the sticks and they look and smell great.) Thanks again and have a great day. - Andrew

Bobbie from Hubbard, OH

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything! I'm a first time customer who found you by way of google. I try to support independent women owned businesses as much as I possibly can. So, I was very excited to find your website! I can't tell you how impressed I am with your products and service. Your website is so easy to navigate and it's very friendly. I was very surprised to receive a personal email from you telling me my order shipped as I'm sure you are very busy this time of year! Receiving my order in 3 days was just icing on the cake! WOW!! I could go on and on about your incense because I love it so much! Thank you for such a wonderful experience! You can count on me to be a return customer :) Happy Holidays! - Bobbie

Sean Nahaukea from Honolulu HI

Aloha Anna!! I want to let everyone know how great everything is and how amazing your customer service is! Aloha and mahalo, - Sean

Denise from Houston, TX

I just have one word WOW! And, your product is wonderful. They last a long time. - Denise

W. Gail Paxton from Flagstaff, AZ

I wanted to leave a testimonial because I read some ratings on your incense and one of the negative ratings said it doesn't burn long. Well, I find that INCORRECT and I LOVE your fact I'm ordering more! It not only smells wonderful it is not overpowering and it lasts a very long time. Thank you for a great product, I will keep coming back. - W. Gail

Kathrine from Fayetteville, NC

Hands down the best incense and customer service around! I love Anna's incense!! Thank you for such a quality product!! - Kathrine

Joe from Pinellas Park, FL

Thank you Anna! I Received it today : ) and am Very satisfied, (my place usually smells like a beer hall : ) I'll be back for future purchases. Thanks again - Joe

Ross from Bel Air, MD

Anna, dear heart, The package arrived before your Email. Thanks for your fine service. - Ross

Lyn from Pawleys Island, SC

My order arrived today -- I love the glass bottle incense burner, love it, love it -- I have been staring at the smoke swirling, just mesmerized, for almost an hour! I am so glad I found your online store and am very happy with all my purchases today. Thank you again. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. What a lovely business you're in! - Lyn

Kristina from North Providence RI stationed at FPO, AE

Wow, I can't believe how quickly your order arrived--less than one week to an FPO/military address! The incense is great and the glass sun bottle is beautiful. Thanks for such great products and service! - Kristina

Gina from Cockeysville, MD

I just wanted to drop a note that I just got my first order from you guys and your incense rocks! I also love the smoking bottle - cool idea! Have a great day! - Gina

Amanda, from Laval QC, Canada

Hello! Anna and Family. I received my incenses today. I gave some to, two co-workers and when they smelt them they said "aww, not like the dollar store" no kidding I thought. The smell from holding it in my locker a couple of hours yesterday is still there today. You have the best incense on the planet, and I've bought from all over, so I say it without hesitation. Thanks for the extra bags for my friends. - Amanda

Paul from Tempe, AZ

I absolutely love your incense! I just received my first shipment from you. I purchased a bottle incense burner as well as my favorite scents Patchouli and Opium. I was EXTREMELY EXCITED when I first used my new burner. My glass burner gives off so much more fragrance than the traditional wood burners. I just went purchase 4 more scents! Again thank you! I am a new loyal customer! - Paul

Ron from Dallas, TX

This is my second order from your shop and to say that I am impressed and satisfied is VERY much an understatement. Your incense ROCK! I've never used such a high quality incense product and I hope to order over and over and over! Thanks for you and your family's commitment to such high quality and standards. I look forward to receiving my order when it arrives. By the way, part of it is a gift for an incense loving friend who came over not long ago while I was burning some of your product. He was VERY impressed as well! So, hopefully you will get yet another pleased customer. I trust this e-mail finds you and your family/staff well, and again, thank you for standing behind such great products (and customer service!). - Ron

Carlo and Brandy from Kansas City, MO

We just want to say that your incense is by far the best we have used and we have tried a lot. We love your quick service, low prices and mostly the quality product you provide. Thanks Anna! - Carlo and Brandy

Patricia from Des Moines, IA

I received my order and I am happy to tell you that this is the best incense that I've ever used. I will continue to buy your products in the future. - Patricia

Carrie from Millers Creek, NC

Thank you so much, I received my incense in NO TIME! It is wonderful. I used to order from A***sWorld, but when I order from you the SERVICE and the INCENSE is much BETTER! I will definitely be ordering again real soon.. Thanks again! - Carrie

Lois from West Palm Beach, FL

Good morning Anna, Just to let you know that my order arrived yesterday. I could not have been more thrilled with the order or your superior customer service. You have earned another customer! Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas - Lois

Michelle from Reno, NV

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order in perfect condition. It came so quickly too! When I opened the mailbox, I got a good whiff of lovely scented incense. Your company is awesome! - Michelle

Paige from Knoxville, TN

I just wanted to say that I love you guys and your products. I ordered Pumpkin Pie and other 'homey' smells from you while I lived in VA. But now, well...we recently moved to a house that lacks a fireplace, so we live for your 'campfire' flavor. It just makes me feel so at home! I'm slowly trying other scents as well, but again, Campfire makes the autumn and winter really nice. Also, your service is stellar, quick and I really love the new zip-lock packets you've started using. THANKS! - Paige

Nicole from NY, NY

ANNA!!!!! YOU ARE SO GREAT!!!!!! You emailed me Friday about my order and I have it already and it's only MONDAY!!!!!!! I am so glad I buy from you YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! - Nicole

Bruce from Emerald, WI

I received my order, WOW....that was fast!!!! The Incense is fabulous!!! Thank you very much, you are now in my favorites file. Thanks again for the great service! - Bruce

Joan from Columbus, OH

I received your products already and they are great... I love the glass incense burners...the no mess part is great! I will be ordering from you again and again...Thanks! - Joan

Rhonda from Pasadena, MD

I received my products yesterday, THEY ARE TOP NOTCH!!! I will definitely order from you again for friends, family, gifts and probably even some to resale on the side for fun! - Rhonda

Tom from Georgia, USA

I placed my first order with you a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the quality of ALL the products I ordered. You have no peer in the world of incense and once everyone finds out about your superior quality and un-matched customer service, you will be the number one company in the field. Thank you very much! - Tom

Sara from St. Catharines, ON

Hey Anna & team! I am not only impressed by the simple and reliable online ordering but also by the speedy delivery and the exceptional customer service that was provided. All the incense I received smell fabulous! It is exactly what I've been searching for. Keep up the great work! Ill continue to purchase well in to the future and recommend you to anyone I see! - Sara

Maria from Baltimore, MD

My order has just arrived and I am so pleased. The moment I opened the package I noticed that everything was in great shape from the mail journey & the scents were wonderful. I can't wait to discover which scents are in my Disaster Packs!!!! I have been telling my friends and family about your incense-- I will definitely be back for more. Thanks again for such a wonderful product and stellar customer service! It is nice having a company online that does not shy away from customer contact!!!! :-) Very Refreshing!!!! - Maria

L. Robinson from Tampa, FL

I received my first order last Friday, what a great product. Thank you! - L. Robinson

Fred from Westminster, MD

Your package came in yesterday and I must tell you that it is the best quality incense that I have ever used. It lasted almost twice as long as the store bought sticks that I have used before. Thanks again! - Fred

Chanel from Amelia, OH

I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the incense and the Sine-wave burner that I received. Even more, I greatly appreciate the attention you gave me and my order. It's nice to see a company who I can trust and feel that my business means more than just money. So thank you very much. I do intend to be making many more purchases in the future with confidence and trust. Thank you again ! - Chanel


I got this Incense for a friend. I decided to try some now I'm hooked on it. I don't want to give it up now, I want to try all the scents. It makes me wonder now why everybody's not burning it. My friend buys a cheep product that he burns at his business, wait till he trys this. And I'm sure his customers will ask about your product so I will make sure he knows the name of your company...Thanks again for making the world smell better...You are a swell company. - Charles

Tasha from Nampa, ID

I am another happy customer!! Gingerbread and Cranberry Spice make me want to bake. Yule-calyptus is just warm and the Frankly Frankincense is one of the best frankincense I've ever smelled. Thanks so much I think I will use these fragrances all year long. Until next time, Remember incense can sooth your soul, and make a bad day better. - Tasha

Phil from Sun City West, AZ

I just don't know how to tell you how much I appreciate your superior service and the the Desert Sage incense you sent for free! The tube you put my order in protected the sticks from the mailman and everything came in tip-top shape. Prior to this you had even replaced the glass burner that cracked apart on me and I had not expected that. Your incense is the best and your service and care is even better. - Phil

Diana from Farmingdale, ME

I just received my first order from you and just wanted to let you know that it is wonderful! The scents are great and thanks so much. - Diana

Mrs. Renee Feliciano from LEVITTOWN, PA

I just wanted to drop you a brief note to let you know how PLEASED I am with your incense products! I can tell you....that you will have future business from me! - Renee

Jon from Modesto, CA

I just received my order, and as always your product is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Jon

Helen from Vancouver, BC Canada

Wow - what amazing service! I was just reading your e-mail as the mailman was knocking on the door to deliver my order! I really like your incense and missed finding you at the PNE this year, hence the mail order. Many thanks for the terrific service! - Helen

Margaret from Ontario, NY

Hi Anna, I received my order yesterday. Everything was perfect. I was amazed at how fast it got here! Thank you for such excellent service. - Margaret

Marjeta from Notts, UK

I just received your incense on Saturday and have tried several of them and I would like to say that they are best I have ever burnt!! I will keep in contact for the next order, thanks again!! - Marjeta 

Margaret from Calgary, AB

I received my order and the incense are wonderful and I love the glass holder I ordered. I thank you so much and will order from you from now on I love your stuff. Thanks so much! - Margaret

Robert from Athol, MA

This bottle is simply amazing>>>>>A different burn each time. Sometimes it comes out of the bottom holes. Thanks again! - Robert

Stephanie from Mundelein, IL

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my order. I got Egyptian Musk, Hawaiian Ginger and Jamaican Spice, and they are all wonderful! Thanks so much, your recommendations were perfect and your incense are amazing, I will definitely order again, and again! - Stephanie

Cameron from Bloomington, IL

We just received our 3 Disaster Packs in the mail yesterday, and we are very impressed! Incense is great, and very prompt shipping. Thanks Anna :) - Cameron

Elaine from Oklahoma City, OK

This Sandalwood incense works wonderfully for sitting on the patio and repelling the mosquitoes and chiggers. It's my new favorite cure! - Elaine

Barb and Bill from Ellicott City, MD

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your fantastic products and especially your fast courteous service. We are working our way through EACH one of the scents! So far our favorites are Sweet Dreams, Aquarius, and Frangipani. Keep up the fantastic work! - Barb and Bill

Brady from Herriman, UT

Received the product this evening. Outstanding quality and service. Best incense I have ever used. I will continue to order from you in the future. Thanks!! - Brady

Theresa from Bellefonte, PA

I received the incense much sooner than I expected and I am extremely pleased with the quality. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the near future. Be safe - Theresa

Myke from Garland, TX

I just received my first order today and was blown away by the smell when I lit the first one! I've never had an incense stick that truly blew me away, but Anna's Incense are really what quality Incense should smell like. I will never buy any other incense company now that I have fallen upon Anna's Incense!- Myke

Ayana from San Diego

When you say fast shipping you mean it!! I got my email confirmation on Friday and had my incense and burner on Monday!!! With service like that I'll be a life long customer. It doesn't hurt either that the incense are great and the burner has become a conversation piece in my apartment! Thanks. - Ayana

Bob from Vinton, IA

I just got my first order-lit one up and it took me back to the 60's-I dumped my store bought incense-and will now be one of your good customers. Thank you - Bob

Flipp from Centreville, VA

...It doesn't matter if they're all mixed up, the disaster pack rocks. loving every single stick of incense!! - Flipp

Michael from Mt. Carroll, IL

I just got my order this week and I have to say that it is the best incense I have ever used. I will be ordering again! - Michael

Karen from Cochrane, AB

I just wanted to let you know my order arrived in great condition today. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. The incense and particularly the glass incense bottle burners will make a couple of teenagers on my Christmas list very happy. I look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks -- Karen

Sharon from FPO, AP

Thank you, Anna...I am looking forward to your wonderful incense... they're the best and longest-lasting. All the others pale in comparison!-- Sharon

Abby from Clatskanie, OR

I just got my disaster pack today, and have already burned 3 sticks! This incense is no disaster, it is heavenly!!! Thank you for aromatic bliss-- Abby

Paige from VA

I received my order the other day and wanted to say and I love the scents I ordered! - Paige

Alison from Halifax, NS

I just want to thank you for the wonderful incense! I just received them today, and am very impressed with their quality. I will definitely reorder in the future. - Alison

David from South Carolina USA

Thanks again for the prompt service! - David

Donald from Brookfield, IL

Today I received my order from you, and am well pleased with the quality of your product and I am delighted with the burner. Every thing was great and I will be ordering again 
in the future. - Donald

Anthony from Auburn, MA

I just got my stuff and I couldn't wait to try it out. Needless to say, you certainly DO NOT disappoint. I love the bottle, it's the coolest thing to watch; and it's nice not to have to clean up ash all over my table too! I tried the Raspberry incense first, and I'm quite impressed with the scent. It actually smells fruity, not like burning stick, which I've noticed happens with certain scents that I've bought elsewhere. I've even gotten my sister interested in buying a bottle from you as well. Thanks again, and you'll certainly be hearing from me again in the future. - Anthony

Korinne from Fort Polk, LA

I just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday and the incense is great! Super fresh and lots of fragrance. I appreciate the personal touches your business provides, it's a shame that there aren't more service oriented businesses like yours. Anyway thanks again and I look forward to ordering from you in the future! - Korinne

Greg from Germantown, MD

I've been trying every incense I can get my hands on, smelling for the perfect one. They were all too chemical smelling, perfumy, and fruity. Anna's Incense is the incense I've been searching for all along! Earthy with the perfect hint of flavor......this is what incense is supposed to be! - Greg

Tyler from Richton, MS

First, I'd just like to say that I didn't expect my order to be here so soon, so thanks for that. I also ordered 2 fragrances I hadn't tried before, Amber and French Vanilla. The Amber smells great! And I can't wait to try French Vanilla. Finally, I'd just like to thank all of the folks at Anna's. I have been repeatedly impressed by the promptness and quality of your company. - Tyler

Erica from Albany, OR

I received my second order today and I am once again totally impressed with your excellent service! I LOVE the incense. I am burning the watermelon right now. Every scent is just as described and better than I imagined! Thanks again! - Erica

Jennifer from Fairless Hills, PA

I received my order in record time. I must thank you for contacting me in such a timely manner when I had questions about my purchase! How wonderful it was to get such personalized attention! What a class act! I purchased the Bubble Tower for a very close friend who is always burning incense. She LOVES her gift and she can't believe how wonderful the incense sticks smell. Thanks for helping me give the perfect gift! - Jennifer

Tiffany from Colorado Springs, CO

Received my order yesterday!! Just wanted to say thanks and I am enjoying the incense and bottle. Also, I did a lot of shopping around before buying the sweetheart smoking bottle from your site. Your site had the BEST price, by far! Thanks again. Happy Holidays! - Tiffany

Michelle from Youngstown, OH

AWESOME man! I love the Pumpkin Pie incense and glass Bubble Tower incense burner I bought from you guys. The stix smell great. Plus everything was shipped fast! I will be buyin' from Anna's more often. Thanks for makin' your customers happy :) - Michelle

Christina from Hamilton, ON, CANADA

Love your product! I just received my order and I have to say that I can't believe how wonderful your incense is. I have purchased quite a bit in my time and yours beats them all hands down. It is wonderful. I plan on purchasing much more in the future. 
Thanks so much. - Christina

Chris from Juneau, AK

I just received my order today and I am completely blown away! This incense burner works perfect and the 12 free incense sticks smell great! Thank you very much for your close contact with me, kindness, speedy shipping and excellent products. I will be buying from you again in the future and you guys are without a doubt the best online shopping store to exist. Thank you for making my order easier and enjoyable.

Larry from Anchorage, AK

Thank you for the amazing pack o' smells (disaster pack). I can't wait to place an order again! Equally amazing is the glass burner.... my Christmas shopping list has your name written all over it. Thank you also for the personally signed letter (what a nice touch). This is by far my most enjoyable online experience ever!

Jeff from Lancaster, PA

Thanks for my first order of your incense. They are fantastic. I have been searching for a quality incense and now I found them. I couldn't wait to fire up the Campfire incense. WOW, it was great!!! Thanks again, you have a permanent customer, and the personal letter is a nice touch.

Angela from Appleton, WI

I have to say that you have a great operation going there with TOP notch product. People rave about it. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my incense and I wouldn't send anyone anywhere else either.

Judy from St. Paul, MN

I received my incense today and I'm extremely pleased with it. I've been burning incense for 35 years because it just smells so nice, and because I've always got cats. Your incense is some of the nicest I've ever had. I will, for sure, order more in the future. Thanks - Judy

Karen from Hillsboro, OR

Thanks Anna! I've been an ongoing buyer and supporter of your incense, which is the best by far in the World! You've shipped to me while I was overseas in the US Navy, then in California and now here in Oregon, you also ship to many of my friends. Thank you for your care, concern and for the best incense in the World hands down! - Karen

Steve from Huntington, NY

Anna's is simply the best incense. The service is excellent. No Disappointments. I am a happy repeat customer. - Steve

Laura Lee from Fort Wayne, IN

I wanted to let you know that my order of three "Disaster Packs" arrived in only 4 days!! This is my first order with Anna's Incense, but it won't be my last! Thanks for such prompt, polite service! - Laura

Robin from York Town Heights, NY

Thanks Anna! We love your incense - they are the best scents we have found!! - Robin

Maria from Portland, OR

I ordered from you last week and my items arrived today --- much faster than I expected! I ordered my items as a gift and will definitely order again both for gifts and for myself. :) The quality of the merchandise is excellent and the prices are so reasonable. I love your website, too --- especially the way my order is tallied at the bottom of the screen while allowing me to continue shopping uninterrupted. Keep up the good work! - Maria

Cyndi from Oceanside, CA

I really love the service I receive from you! It does sound personal and with today's "high-tech" ways it really means a lot. I wanted to let you know I also received your phone confirmation, another personal touch, I really appreciated. I plan on shopping with your company from now on just because you add the "personal touch". With my husband deployed and the world they way it is, it is nice to know some companies don't make you feel like just another dollar sign and endless number. Thank You again for all the little extras you provide.
- Cyndi

TaWanna from Taegu, South Korea

Thank you so much Anna! I received the shipment much sooner than I expected. I absolutely love the bottle burner, the book that comes with the "Gift Pack" is very helpful, your packaging is very neat and efficient. I'll visit your site again and my next order will include lots of oils. Again, thank you so much for delivering my goodies so fast. - TaWanna

Sandra from Frankfort, KY

Thank you so much for the quick attention you gave my problem. I would be happy to recommend your site and your company to anyone. I look forward to doing more business with you. (Bet my other niece wants a bottle and incense for Her birthday, too!) - Sandra

Melanie from Magalia, CA

This is my second order. I will never, ever use another incense. Anna makes the best and I have been using incense since buying my first stick in Berkeley in the 60's. Anna rocks.....Love, Melanie

Mondae from Charlestown, IN

I'm really about the personal response you send. Thank you very much! Your shop is awesome. I love the smells and the price is great! I'm definitely going to be a returning customer! Thanks again, Mondae

Paul from Alix ALBERTA

I received my order of incense last night. Being a fiddler, I ordered the Violino incense smoking bottle. It looks great, and is very functional. I also had to order some patchouli sticks. It smells amazing! I recommend your incense to any one who wants to feel groovy. You make incense the way it was meant to be made! - Paul

Lindsey from Parlin NJ

Your incense is the best I've ever had it smells good and burns a long time! I'm gonna be a constant shopper of this site...THANKS ANNA - Lindsey

Isaac from Pt. Washington, NY

I absolutely love the Sweet Apple candle it is outrageous! It even has a nice spicy scent when it is out. - Isaac

Kelton from Madera, CA

I am pleased to report that my order arrived yesterday in excellent condition and also in a timely manner. I commend you on an excellent product meeting and exceeding all the claims made by you and others on your web site. The word is spreading here, and I expect your shipments to California will increase shortly. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience and a superior product. My next order will be for specific fragrances, but the disaster packs are an excellent way to learn about your product! Peace, Kelton

Joan from Florida

Just received my order from you and it just made me so HAPPY!!!!! There's just one problem.....I can't get any work done! I'm so intrigued by the incense bottle with the smoke dancing and all.......But maybe that's a good thing because I need to relax more! Thanks again, I will be ordering more in the future! - Joan

Robert from USA

I bought about $60 worth of incense and a burner and I love your product. I have never smelled such fresh incense before! I lit two sticks up right away and I could almost taste the fragrance! I am only going to order from your site from now on. I can barely wait to try all your scents! - Robert

Billy from Laval, QC, CANADA

I'm tickled by how fast my order arrived. I decided to order the 19" wand, It's huge, I've never seen an incense that big, it's to cool. Your incense is the bomb. - Billy

Sharon from FPO, AP

As hard as I tried, I could not find any other site as good as yours, with so much variety, descriptions, good quality, and reasonable prices. You're the best out there! I love to enjoy the fragrant, longlasting incense sticks, and my family and I have come to associate them with memories of relaxing, good times at home any time of the day or season. I have since ran out of those sticks and am looking forward to receive my new order... Keep up with your good service! Thanks again - Sharon

Marilynn from Greensburg, PA

Your incense is absolutely GREAT. It hasn't even been a week since i got my first order and already I'm reordering. Once again your stuff is fantastic, thank you! - Marilynn

Nancy from Butler, PA

Thank you once again for your quick response to my e-mail. You have been a pleasure to do business with and you have wonderful customer service . I certainly will recommend you to family and friends. - Nancy

Amy from San Rafael, CA

Wow, my girlfriend just bought some of your awesome incense. Usually she burns this really yucky musty stuff. Anyway, she got the package in a really short time and of course lit one up. I noticed that the room was really smelling great, so I asked what she was burning because the scent was intoxicating. Now I insist she burns your incense all the time. I even made TWO purchases on the same day because I was so excited. Usually I'm not the incense type but yours is absolutely intoxicating. I can't wait to get home and relax with some incense. Thanks again for providing me with such awesome fragrances. - Amy

Linda from Burnham, PA

I received my order much sooner than expected, and just wanted you to know how happy I am with your products! The brass cone burner is exactly what I was looking for and the cone incense is the best I've used! It burns much cleaner than anything else I've tried and doesn't irritate my sinuses as some do. Thanks so much!!- Linda

Ron from North Oaks, MN

Thanks for the great products and great service. The order arrived yesterday in perfect condition. The Bubble Tower bottle is filling the computer room with the delightful scent of pine. I love it. Thanks again. - Ron

Heather from Auburn, AL

I just recently received my new sine-wave incense burner and Gardenia incense...I am more than satisfied with my purchase from Anna's Incense. I made a couple of changes to my new bottle...not that it wasn't perfect already :) I dropped a small amount of paint in the bottle, gave it a shake and now I have a cool colored glass incense burner! Thanks Anna! - Heather

Cheryl from Seminole, OK

I received my order today, It was packed very well, came safe, unbroken and FAST!! Thanks again, I will be ordering again soon. - Cheryl

Michelle from Reno, NV

Yesterday I received a shipment of incense from you, and I couldn't be happier! I tried some fragrances that I wasn't familiar with and I love them all. I currently own three of your burner bottles and I can't wait to collect them all. The moon bottle is so cute! Thank you so much. I can't wait to try out some other scents. Your incense products are the best ever!
Scentedly - Michelle

Marty from Bellbrook, OH

Your Incense is wonderful. I've been around incense for a while, (longer than I'd like to admit) but it was always someone else that was burning. I'm just now starting to get into it myself (makes me feel young again?) and the stuff I bought a while back at Pier 1 was ok but can't compare to you. The musk cones were great as were the sticks but since I got the disaster pack I don't know which scent I used, (I know what you're thinking-if I would have bought the regular sticks I would know what I had) but this will give me time to train my nose. You are now my Incense Saint - Marty

Brenda from Dunkirk, OH

I just received my first order from you, and may I You are right, I will never go back. I love to burn incense, but I have a hard time finding Opium. I came to your website in search of my favorite scent. That was the first scent I came in contact with and I love it. I have bought it at stores in malls and things and it never matched my first purchase. - Brenda

Billy from Laval, QC

I received my order today and my wife and kids are mesmerized by the incense bottle burner, it gives the incense a life of it's own. We all love your incense they are so fresh and delightful and fill our home with a wonderful ambiance. When the mood is down I light up one of your incense sticks and "voila" it's all good again. Thanks. - Billy

Lana from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have told all my friends and family about your incense! I am pleased with you quality and attention to detail. I received my incense cones and the are everything you promised they would be. Yet another satisfied customer - Lana

Marcia from Woodridge, IL

I used to order incense from different companies including yours. I will not be able to do that in the future since I have found the best incense in the world! I've tried the rest and Anna's Incense is the best!  Thank you for making such a wonderful product. - Marcia

Dana from Greenbelt, MD

I received my order yesterday and I just love it! I love the bottle and am going to have to watch it that my 16 yo doesn't obscond with it. And the incense truly is fresh and unlike any other I have used. I plan on getting a few more bottles as gifts and some various fragrances of incense. I can't wait to use my bottle at the Maryland Renassaince Festival, where I read Runes. We routinely use incense around the booth for the ambiance and to keep the wasps and bees away, and your bottles will add an extra touch. Thanks so much again. - Dana

June from East Islip, NY

I absolutely love the Stone Oil Burner and Oils. I plan to order all my Oils from you. Thank you again. Your products are the greatest! A Very Pleased Customer - June

Jason from Orlando, FL

I just received my package today, and all the incense smells great. The ylang-ylang is SO comforting, and I can't keep my eyes off the bottle... When I first lit the stick, I could actually see the oils... And I thought other companies were fresh... This stuff blows them away for a fraction of the cost. I know where I'm buying my incense from now on. Thanks Anna! - Jason

Felicia from Johnson City, TN

I just recently got into burning incense and was about to give up because all of the incense that I bought was terrible. It smelled old and musty. Then I received my order from you guys...Wow, incense that actually smells the way it is supposed to! I ordered the Bubble Gum for my little girl and she loves it. Thank you for making a great product and I love your web site. I can now throw all the other where it the trash! - Felicia

Lois from Loves Park, IL

I got my Egyptian Musk incense yesterday and it's been burning ever since!! I love the scent and it burns for soooo long!! Even my husband and kids like it!! You can bet I'll be ordering more!! Thanks for a great product!! - Lois

Eric from Spring, TX

Just a few words of thanks and praise for being such wonderful site. We love the selection of scents you offer and have NEVER had a problem with the shipping from there to down here, it usually only takes a couple of days. Your site is the only one we go through since it's so reliable and fast! Others may be closer, but nobody can beat the selection, and it's well worth the trip from Canada. Thanks Again! - Eric

John and Alexander from Traverse City, MI

Your Incense is exceptional and the ordering is painless, kudos to Jeremy. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate quality dye free incense. My 5 year old son Alexander has Leukemia and many things smell bad and nauseate him because of his chemotherapy treatments, from cooking to laundry. We have tried many things to counteract this, but nothing works as well as incense and now that I have found Anna's Incense things are really smoking. I thank you and Alexander thanks you as well. - John and Alexander

Molly from Silver Spring, MD

The only thing better than your incense is the quality of your service. :) - Molly

Jody from Cordova, SC

Excellent Rating: Just wanted to let you know I received my order today & I love it! Great service and excellent products. - Jody

Franny from New York, NY

I just had to tell you how happy I am with your incense. My order arrived much sooner than expected, and the packaging was as good as my Mom's. I'm the daughter of a mailman, so I know! I had to light up a stick immediately, and now my whole apartment smells like Hawaiian Ginger. I got several different kinds, and I can't wait to try them all, and then order more! Thank you for making fantastic incense! Customer for life, - Franny

Paul from Mount Laurel, NJ

I received my order and thanks for assuring me that it was enroute. The incense is great and wonderful smelling. The bottle is cool to watch when the smoke is swirling inside of it. Thanks for the great products and I will be ordering again. - Paul

Beth from Flemington, NJ

I just wanted to say that I received the incense I ordered yesterday in a great "poster tube." That's a great way to ship the incense! This is only my second time ordering and just wanted to let you know that I love the "flavors" and will definitely be ordering more in the future! - Beth

Kathleen from Clifton, NJ

Your company makes the best incense and related products IN THE WORLD! And I defy anyone to show me better incense! My last sweetheart introduced me to you guys and even though the relationship didn't last I'm glad Anna's Incense and I will never break up! - Kathleen

Andy from Grovetown, GA

I got my first order today. I am just soooooo happy with everything! I ordered several packs of your 11" incense sticks and it's the best smelling, longest lasting, cleanest burning stuff I've ever had the pleasure to put a BIC to. And the Moon Man smoking bottle is just groovy as can be! Now I'm gonna order a few more, one for every room in the house! Thanks for a great online shopping experience! Shipping was prompt and the stuff was packed perfectly. - Andy

Joe from Pickering, ON

I just received my order and I couldn't be happier. You run your business in a professional manner. I have shopped @ and, your system is far better. It was easy to navigate, easy to place my order, but what I like is that order was confirmed when you receive it and confirmed when you shipped. It was a pleasure doing business with you, I will buy again. - Joe

Doug from Haslett, MI

My compliments on the high quality sticks! It is cheaper to buy your quality product and pay the shipping then it is to buy the low quality products off the shelves in nearby stores. Go Anna! - Doug

Todd from Pittsburgh, PA

I read so many great things about Anna's Incense on her testimonials page that I had to order. When I got my sticks (much faster than expected from online ordering), I was soo stoked to burn them. They exceeded any expectations I had, and will be the only "brand" of incense allowed in my house EVER!!! Thanks for rolling some sweet sticks, and expect to earn more of my money soon!!!!! - Todd

Jackie from West Roxbury, MA

I just received my order. It is GREAT! The incense smells so fresh and clean, unlike any I have experienced before. It also ACTUALLY smells like the description you give. I love it. These cool smoking glass bottles are great too. I received my order less than a week after I ordered, and this was over the Thanksgiving holiday! The personal emails and customer service are great! I will absolutely be back and have already recommended you to all my friends! Thank you again - Jackie

Jessica from Seattle, WA

That was one of the nicest most thorough online purchasing experiences I have had in a long time! Your order processing, follow-up and delivery are excellent and on par with the rest of the high-end retailers that have a web presence. Everything was exactly as represented. I have been working in the web/shopping arena for six years now (advertising) and I am very pleased. I will buy again. Thank you for the fast, thorough service. Keep up the good work! - Jessica

Melody from Evington, VA

I got my order yesterday and I LOVE THE INCENSE STICKS! I can't really find the words to explain how great they smell. The strength of the scents and how long they last is amazing. Store-bought incense sticks don't hold a candles to yours.  I burn incense sticks all the time, so it won't take me long to go through the ones I just got. I'm placing another order. And....if it takes a bit longer to get the order, I don't care....IT'S WORTH THE WAIT!!! I'm a life-long customer. - Melody

Betty from Hopewell, VA

I received my first order from you today and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Thanks for the list of fragrance descriptions and properties. I am fairly new to the world of incense. Also, I appreciate the tip on using cones - first time using those. I am going to your site now and order more! Thanks again. - Betty

Melody from Evington, VA

Hi Anna,  I just want to thank you for the awesome response to my order! Sending the order out so quick and letting me know you did means alot! I read the page on you and how you got started and feel that you are a true "down to earth person." Just seeing your site and what you have to offer and all the different scents makes me a returning customer. I've already got my list made up for the next order. - Melody

Molly from Silver Spring, MD

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question, and actually ask what I think. Most of the time, you don't get that sort of care when you are physically shopping in a store... much less online!! That's the kind of service that will keep customers coming back. Since you not only put out a top quality product, but provide outstanding service, I'm willing to wait for an order by mail. You have another loyal customer here! - Molly

Sandy from Abuja, Nigeria

Here in Nigeria (West Africa) things are a bit tense. Your incense and burners help with creating a calmer environment--even here at a US govt office! Yes, I use the incense in my office! Best regards! - Sandy

Tyler from Richton, MS

I am so happy, because I have received my incense! My moon-man burner is so cute! He looks like he's just the happiest "guy" in the world. All of my incense smells great. I would also like to thank you for the effort put into shipping my order. I could tell that you actually care about the customer receiving their order properly. Thanks once again for the great stuff, I will DEFINITELY be ordering again soon. - Tyler

Arlie and Cathy from Columbus, GA

Hi, Anna and crew! We ordered on-line last week and were tickled to receive our order today. I was so excited I had to fire one up right here at work when the box arrived. I can't wait to get home to finish burning my first stick. Anyway...we just wanted to tell you how pleased we both are with our new burners and incense. Thanks for great products and the fast and friendly service! I already know I'll be doing some of my Christmas shopping with you. - Arlie and Cathy

Stacy from Minneapolis, MN

This is my second order. You may see I just recently purchased a first order not too long ago. I will continue buying from you because I feel your cones and sticks are of higher quality. Glad that there is such a thing as the Internet. Otherwise, someone from Minnesota USA might not have heard of you. Thank you for the AWESOME products. - Stacy

Sheryle from Seattle, WA

Hi to all at Anna's Incense! Thanks very much for my recent order. I really appreciated the careful packaging. I will definitely order again, and recommend you to my friends. - Sheryle

Meredith from Charleston, S.C.

I received a year supply and a glass fish burner for a holiday gift from a close friend, not only did I think it was a unique and thoughtful gift but the incense was fantastic! No woody smell like you can get from other brands. The year is up and I am going to renew. Thanks Anna and her crew! - Meredith

Scott B. from Glenolden, PA

Thanks for the great incense. I feel the quality is exceptional and the price and customer service I have received are superior. I will be ordering again in the future. - Scott B.

Kim from Port Arthur, TX

I just wanted to let you know that I just received my first order today and love your incense! You have a regular customer in me from now on. Best Regards - Kim

John Cossentino from Honolulu, HI

I just wanted to thank you for all the little extras you included with my orders. I can see why your business is a success and why your customers keep coming back for more. I will be back for sure. - John

Luz from Oakland, CA

I appreciate your excellent customer service. I am sure I will love the product because as I said my girlfriend shared her incense with me and I fell in love with them. Thank you Again, - Luz 

Roberta from Lubbock, TX

I think the new site is great...easy to get around in and entertaining too. Loved the pictures and the new log in feature will be nice for future orders too. Thanks for all your hard work. - Roberta

Dan from Hazlet, NJ

"Hey, Today I received 5 dozen sticks of your incense. I got Bubble Gum, Dragon's Blood, Pussy, Winter, and Mint Chocolate and they all smell great! This is my second purchase from Anna and I look forward to burning my new incense in my Bubble Tower that I bought previously. I would definitely recommend any of these scents to anyone looking to buy from Anna!" - Dan

Scott from Hartland, VT 
Rating: Excellent

"Great service and an excellent product! My incense arrived promptly, and was just as described, fresh, long burning, with a fine subtle aroma. The courtesy and promptness of service, as well as follow-up, made Annasincense a real pleasure to deal with. I can't recommend it enough!" - Scott

Deborah from Hebron, IN
Rating: Excellent

"This was a repeat shopping trip for me.. I have had so many that fall in love with the items I have purchased that I have started my Christmas shopping early..... " - Deborah

Christina from Tulsa, OK

"My order was delivered quickly and was exactly what I was looking forward. They were great. My only probably was that I didn't order enough. Definitely a must shop again site!" - Christina

Sandy from Rising Sun, MD

"I think these bottles are pretty darn cool. Best part is that there are no ashes laying all over my house. I bought two of the bottles and I am definitely going to buy more, for me, my kid and my friend! They are just too cool! Thanks for writing back, have a great day!" - Sandy 

DeAnn from Palmetto, FL 
Rating: Excellent

"I loved the animation this site had, and the information was very exact. I can say their products are really great too. I tried many sites for the same products, but Anna's Incense site was the VERY BEST!. Ease in navigation, and ease in purchasing. I LOVE IT." - DeAnn

Gabe from Atlanta, GA

"Hey!!! I just want to tell you how mindblown I was when I received your incense. I am a self-proclaimed expert at incense. I have used it all my life (53 years). Your product is the most high quality, saturated, and fresh incense I have ever used in my entire life! I recommend it to all my friends and family. Good going and keep up the good work!!!" - Gabe

Jack from DeKalb, IL
Rating: Excellent 

"When our order arrived, we were thrilled with the product. We ordered a lot of incense, which we are enjoying, and the elephant incense burner is the BEST; we love it. We're very satisfied with our order and the whole experience. Thanks Anna's!!" - Jack 

Shy from Everett, WA

"Woohoo! I got the incense and the Moon Man (bottle) Thanks!!!! I love them the incense smells great!!!! The moon man is awesome!!! I love watching the smoke roll around in the bottle it's choice!!!! My cats are EVEN fascinated with it! Most incense burns up within 5 to 10 minutes but these last and last!!!!!" - Shy

Dale from Gresham, OR

"I promise you will be my only source for incense. Thanks again."- Dale

Robert from Kittanning, PA

"I just got back from a little vacation and my incense is here! It's GREAT and you can be sure you'll be receiving more business from me in the future!" - Robert

Jeremy from Sugar City, ID

"I just received my order today and am very pleased with the quality of the incense that you sent! Thanks a lot!" - Jeremy

Barbara from Leawood, KS

"Today, I received the incense package. It's GREAT! The sticks smell wonderfully pungent, even through the wrapper. The sun bottle is very cool. I'm giving this to my daughter for her birthday, which was yesterday. Thanks very much. I'll be sure and recommend you to all my friends." - Barbara

Melanie from Ottawa, ON

"I just received my order this afternoon, and I am already thrilled with my items!!! I ordered three disaster packs, and a "Smoke on the Water" rock n' roll combo. I just adore my fishy incense burner! I think [the bottle burners] are a great idea." - Melanie

Kathy from Tuscon, AZ

"My nephew LOVES your incense I can't wait to get my order!" - Kathy

Jason from Denver, PA

"Anna's incense is some of the best incense I've bought and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!" - Jason

Laurie from Sayville, NY

"I'd like to thank you for my recent order. Your incense is great! Nice and oily, slow burning and they smell wonderful!! I can't wait to check out your groovy bottle burner! Thanx again!" - Laurie

Thomas from Ann Arbor, MI

"I love everything I got from Anna's Incense! This stuff is way too cool for words. I've been giving out incense to my friends and now they're hooked too." - Tom

Claudia from Rio de Janeiro

"It's great, after the incense burned, the smell kept on in my room for a long time!!!" - Claudia

Kate from Rochester, NY

"I ordered my incense yesterday, and was surprised and pleased when I found an email from Anna telling me that my incense was shipped. I love your quick, personal service, and I can't wait to try your great, low-priced incense! Thanks a bunch,"- Kate

Michelle from Nashville, TN

"Dear Anna, I have recently purchased both incense and burners from you. The incense is awesome!! It smells wonderful and lasts a long time." - Michelle

Johari from Los Angeles, CA

"Hi, Anna. The incense I purchased from your company was a birthday/highschool graduation gift for my younger brother. He was extremely pleased with it as was our mother to whom he showed his gift. They were so happy with it that I'll be ordering some for myself in the future. Thank you!" - Johari

John from College Park, MD

"I just want you to know how happy I am with this incense! I've gotten stuff from all kinds of markets and this is the most saturated incense I've ever had the pleasure of smelling. This is incense made by people who care. " - John

Michelle from Bluefield, WV

"As a first time customer of Anna's, I was very satisfied with my order. I will most definitely order from Anna's Incense again and will recommend it to all my friends." - Michelle

June from East Islip, NY

"I love the bottles and incense that I received and I promise you, I'll be ordering more soon. It's a pleasure to do business with people like you. Have a nice day!" - June

Dirk from Bloomington, IL

"You really do have the best incense. I bought some fairly expensive sticks to hold me over (after I ran out of my initial shipment) and they burned SO much faster and left much more brown gunk on my burner." - Dirk

Christine from Kent, WA
Rating: Excellent

"Wonderful products! I have e-mailed all my friends and told them to buy incense at Anna's. Great service and fast delivery too!" - Christine

Dr. Hauser from New York, NY

"Anna, The vanilla incense is awesome! It's my favourite so far. It hits the vanilla note perfectly but is completely unobtrusive. It has a very calming effect. I held back from selecting it till now because I assumed that it's bouquet could only mimic the real thing (you know, some things just seem out of reach in life). It's really lovely." - Lawrence

Judy from Willoughby, OH

"You crack me up I have never dealt with such efficient people. It usually takes a week for someone to answer an e-mail and check into a problem (not a few minutes). I really appreciate your prompt response." - Judy

Jennifer from Clermont, FL

"Got my very first order from Anna's Incense today. I am so totally have a really great product. The incense is so much fresher and fuller than the incense I have gotten around Orlando. I won't be getting my incense anywhere else from now on." - Jennifer

Beth from Cedar Rapids, IA

"I Love this place!" - Beth

Brandy from Phoenix, AZ

"I love your product. I received fast service and the incenses smell awesome!" - Brandy

Glenn from Santa Maria, CA

"Anna's claim to freshness is true. The incense is very distinctive - no charcoal - and every stick I've tried burns longer than 1 hour. This is terrific merchandise and proves better than advertised." - Glenn

Christy from Sylvestre, GA

"I received my Sugar, Sugar combo and I wanted to thank you! I love it! My favorite is the cream soda but they are all "delicious!" Thank you for the contest! It was great and introduced me to Retro Rock and also to the joys of incense (which I had long ago forgotten!)" - Christy

Beverly from Kirkland Lake, ON

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that we received our package from you. WOW nice! We were very impressed with your goods. We are sure that we have found a great company and look forward to dealing with you more in the future. Thanks again!" - Beverly 

Louetta from Philadelphia, PA

"Got my order today. Very happy with them. Thank you!" - Louetta

Jason from Istanbul, Turkey

"I just wanted to say thanks. You guys have been extremely helpful. I tell all my buddies over here to order through you." - Jason

Peter from Pacifica, CA

"I really enjoy the incense. They are nicely made! I also enjoy the bottles. I am going to order a couple of the large ones. Keep up the good work." - Peter

Mary Anne from Florida

"I am very pleased with the nag champa (my favorite) and the sage bundles and I will definitely order again. Thank you." - Mary Anne

Beth from Austell, GA

"Received my order this Saturday, July 10, and so far, I've really enjoyed it. My cats are totally mesmerized by the swirling smoke in the bottles! Thanks again,"- Beth

Jim from Lanoka Harbor, NJ

"The burner is very nice, and I will definitely be looking to buy more incense in the future."- Jim

Katy from Eden Prairie, MN

"I love the Moon (bottle) finally I can burn your incense in something other than a basic wooden thingie :-) I have that Nag Champa burning as we speak. Blessed be!" - Katy 

Shannon from Northbrook, IL
Rating: Excellent

"Anna's Incense is great - I received email confirmations and also a specific response to a comment I emailed - it shows you someone actually reads the mail!" - Shannon

Kyle from Kalamazoo, MI

"I received my incense today. So far I've only burned "leather and lace" WOW, it was way better than expected...I miss wearing my leather jacket now, at least it's getting colder so I can again!" - Kyle

Josh from Dallas, GA

"Thanks for your concern as well as time spent answering my letter. I feel that [the bottle burner] is a good product to spend my money on. I would once again like to commend you on all of your products. I am positive I will try some of the others out in the future." - Josh

Sunni from Redmond, WA

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order only a few days after you sent it and have been enjoying it ever since!!! You have a wonderful product. The best in fact. I gave you a very high rating on Thanks for providing this!!!!" - Sunni

Stefanie from Westchester, IL

"I got my order today and I LOVE IT!!! This stuff is the best incense I've ever smelled. The Rock and Roll Combos are a really good idea." - Stephanie

Aaron from Medford, WI 
Rating: Excellent

"I love Anna's Incense! I got my incense on time and to top it off I've never had better quality incense. Anna's incense is top of the line and I give them my thanx for helping me find what I needed and getting it to me quickly. Thanx Anna and staff!!" - Aaron

Roger from San Clemente, CA

"We received the incense package and we are very, very pleased!! The wood scent sticks are excellent." - Roger

Sara-Jean from Fairfax, VA 
Rating: Excellent

"Good product, nice web page." - Sara-Jean

Brenda from Edmonton, KY 
Rating: Excellent

"The only problem that I had was waiting for my incense to arrive. Now that I have it, the wait was definitely worth it." - Brenda

Amy from Raleigh, NC

"This was my first order from Anna's Incense and I appreciate the opportunity to let you know that I am not only pleased with you customer service and response time - but the product you shipped me is great! I will be ordering again - and I thank you once more for all of your assistance. Sincerely," - Amy

Deborah from Ferrum, VA

"I love your incense, this is my second order and am sure won't be my last." - Deborah

Jo-Ann from LaSalle, PQ

"I recently received my order of incense and I just love them. Thanks so much." Jo-Ann

Alan from Richmond, VA 
Rating: Excellent

"I am very pleased with the incense that I received from Anna's Incense. The incense is very fresh and burns for over an hour. They also graciously provided me a few extras in each packet. Great Service!" - Alan

Leslie from New Fairfield, CT 
Rating: Excellent

"Fine quality incense. It burns long as promised. And the fragrance is spicey and very good. In fact, I will order all my incense from them for now on." - Leslie

Ashley from North Hollywood, CA

"Dear Anna, It is nothing I'm sure you haven't heard before-- but your incense is fantastic! I had my pick of several web sites, but something about yours just struck me-- and I'm glad it did. Not only are your prices more than reasonable, but your product quality and selection are excellent. Every cone I ordered smells exactly as I would have wanted! Expect my repeat business. I have turned on several friends to your site as well. In the meantime, I'm burning mine as fast as I can. :) Best Wishes," - Ashley

Susan from Batavia, IL 
Rating: Excellent

"It took me a while to know what I wanted... NEEEDED... and the help I got through the info was fine!! I also totally enjoyed the fast service and the great products! THANKS." - Susan 

Melissa from San Antonio, TX 
Rating: Excellent

"I love this site and their products." - Melissa

Kim from Bridgewater, NS

"I just wanted to let you know my order arrived today and I could not wait to get home and burn my CK-1 incense sticks-what a wonderful and full burn that in fact has proven to me that there is a difference and I love them! Thanks again." - Kim

Chris from San Francisco, CA 
Rating: Excellent

"This incense is inexpensive but not cheap. You will love it. It's very fragrant, even sealed. This is the way to go."- Chris

Becky from Itasca, TX 
Rating: Excellent

"The incense smells wonderful, I bought the disaster packs and it was a great value also....thank you Anna" - Becky

Scott from Orick, CA

"Anna-I just got the shipment in yesterday, and I tried some sticks in the fish bottle today. You were right, they smell good. It adds the perfect touch to my office. Thank you" - Scott 

Maria from Franklin, NH

"I'll be ordering again soon. Great transaction!" - Maria

Laurie from Washington, MO

"Anna, You are wonderful !!!!!!! Not only did we receive the order today, but, the note attached that said Happy Father's Day Bill was a beautiful personal touch. Thank you so very much. Your incense smells fabulous and we WILL be ordering from you in the me !!! Talk to you soon with another order, by the way, I put you in my favorite places so I can click to you real quick. Thanks again," -Laurie

Virginia from Aliso Viejo, CA 
Rating: Excellent 

"This is the best incense I have ever used...I can't wait to try the many others that are available at" - Virginia

Micheal from Pueblo, CO

"Let me say that I placed an order recently from your web site. It arrived VERY quickly and I love everything I ordered!" - Micheal 

Mary from Dallas, TX 
Rating: Excellent

"The service is unbelievably good." - Mary

Stella from Massapequa, NY

"Alright, you told me so. It was worth the wait! I received the package today but did not expect the bottle! What a great idea! I do not have to clean ashes anymore! As a matter of fact I have a friend I am going to purchase a bottle for, for Christmas! Thanks for all your help!" - Stella

Neil from Leominster, MA

"What a great place to buy incense. I used to buy cheaper ones, because you can find them anywhere. But these are real incense, prices aren't bad at all either. You've got a new customer in me." - Neil

Joe from Staten Island, NY 
Rating: Excellent

"I had a wonderful experience --the incense I ordered are wonderful and I will order again. It's nice to deal with someone who is honest about the product they are selling NO BULLSH*T--I have recommended Anna's Incense to several friends already KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK!" - Joe

Daniel from Nanty Glo, Pa 
Rating: Excellent

"I Really enjoy the Incense, it burns longer and smells better than any incense I have ever had. I'm so pleased with what I got that I am going to buy more..!!" - Daniel 

Paul from Dallas, TX 
Rating: Excellent

"Excellent communication. I was emailed when they got the order, when they processed the order, and when they sent the order. Also, I had to email a correction to my address the next day. They immediately confirmed the info and told me it was no prob. As for the product: Good incense. Very good incense burner."- Paul

Joetta from Frankfort, KY 
Rating: Excellent 

"I was really pleased with my purchase. My friends were really impressed also. Thank you." - Joetta

Kevin from Grandview, MO

"We just received our order from you. The opium incense is excellent. We were having a hard time finding good stuff. It burns great, and smells great. We will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks!" - Kevin and Jane

Jenn from Buchanan, NY

"I really enjoy your scents and I just placed my second order with your company. With my first order I got one of your incense burners and I really like it." - Jenn

Rachelle from Corpus Christi, TX

"I got my order last Saturday. I absolutely adore the moon bottle. It is the most unique incense burner I own. I think the disaster packs are a great idea. So far, my favorite is the Apple Pie . It makes my whole house smell like fresh baked apple pie. The scent is not too overpowering. I will definitely tell all of my friends and family about Anna's Incense. Keep up the good work. I will be placing my second order very soon. Sincerely:-)," - Rachelle

Sheila from Eatontown NJ

"Your advertisements don't lie, other incense just does not cut it anymore." - Sheila

Ryan from Modesto, CA

"I received my order today and I am quite pleased with the quality of your product. I will certainly order from you again." Ryan

Carolyn from W.R., GA

"The package arrived yesterday, and it is in perfect condition!!! Thank you so much for your assistance, you and Anna's Incense have been wonderful to do business with. I look forward to ordering again soon. Thank you again." - Carolyn

Sheila from Eatontown NJ 
Rating: Excellent

"Awesome incense. Never a reason to buy incense or sage elsewhere. Both products are top-notch!" - Sheila

Kim from Woodstock, GA

"I bought a disaster pack almost a year ago. Even though not knowing what I select each time, it is a treat, a special olfactory surprise each time I burn one. It is a great relaxer with the right music, a cup of tea and a wonderful essence wafting through the air. I will buy from no one else. I have friends who try to steal them from me because they smell so good! I am elated that I discovered you. Customer for life." - Kim

Lance from Kenosha, WI

"I want to thank you for your outstanding products! With the incense that I buy from you, I get nothing but compliments on how smooth their aroma is. People ask me constantly if they can buy some from me for their own houses! Thanks for everything!" - Lance

Roger from Higbee, MO 
Rating: Excellent

"Very prompt, very helpful, good prices." - Roger

Heidi from Silverdale, WA 
Rating: Excellent 

"This incense is the best I've ever used and the price was right. When I factored in shipping, it came to three dollars a package for long lasting and wonderful smelling incense. I'm going to recommend this store to all of my friends." - Heidi

Margaret from Alton, NY 
Rating: Excellent

"I was so pleased with the service and the incense and oils are the BEST! They have found a permanent customer in me." - Margaret

Dru from Dallas, TX 
Rating: Excellent

"Quick delivery, product as promised, and a personal handwritten note. These people are fantastic! Thanks, Anna's." - Dru

Bruce from Aurora, CO

"I have used several different incense in my lifetime and I must say that Anna's Incense is by far the best I have ever burned. I am so glad I found you on the web. I will never buy any incense from anyone but Anna's." - Bruce

Robert from Knoxville, TN 
Rating: Excellent

"The site was great! The product was amazing! Can't wait to order again." - Robert

Nicole from Santa Maria, CA 
Rating: Excellent

"The service was excellent, the products better than expected and the delivery took less time than I thought possible. I have already ordered again from Anna's and will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommended Anna's." - Nicole

Lucas from Monrovia, CA 
Rating: Excellent

"Very happy with service, selection, delivery-time, and quality of product. Larger e-retailers can take lessons from Anna's." - Lucas

Sean from Chicago, IL 
Rating: Excellent

"Fast delivery and very good, reasonably priced product, a terrific combination! Anna's definitely earned repeat patronage." - Sean

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