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Fresh Incense - Shop by Need
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anna's incense sticks

Fresh Incense Burns Longer and Smells Better!

After 12+ years sharing fresh incense with the world, we've learned a few things about which fragrances are best to burn in many situations. Here are some suggestions to meet your incense needs. If you find a fragrance that helps you with some specific need let us know, if we share it with the rest of the Anna's Incense community, we'll send you some free incense for your help!

Need for Holiday Cheer!
Fragrance helps the heart grow fonder. Use these warm fragrances if the weather outside is frightful and it's getting to be time for Old Saint Nick.

Need to Boost your Confidence
Not feeling up to the task? Worried you can't take the pressure? Nonsense! Let Anna's empowering fragrances remind you of your inner strength and boost your ego to new heights!

Need to Complement a Gas Fireplace
Nothing says cozy like a real wood fire, burn one of these woodsy fragrances and bring your gas fireplace to life!

Need to Concentrate
Whether you're cramming for a big exam or intent on finishing a puzzling project, these mind expanding fragrances will help keep the focus and stimulate the mind.

Need to Fight Illness
From common colds to sinus headaches, the healing poser f a good fragrance is well documented over thousands of years. Try these universal healers when your under the weather.

Need to Get some Sleep
Toss and turn no more, Anna's special sleep inducing blends will quiet your busy mind and slow your snoring spouse.

Need to Hide strong smells
Got a taste for Blue Cheese and White Fish? Let some of Anna's stronger scents bring peace to your family's nostrils.

Need to Meditate
Be one with the all let your spirit soar, burning these heart centered scents will open your mind and cleanse your energy with every wisp of fragrant smoke.

Need to Relax
Burn one of these popular fragrances and feel your muscles unwind as your breathing slows and your mind opens.

Need to Relieve PMS
These fragrances were suggested by an Anna's Incense Fan in Ellicott City, MD. She says they are "Comforting, Soothing and Revitalizing." She also "wouldn't be without them!", should you?!

Need to Relive the 60's
Lookin' for fun but feeling not-so groovy? Well slow down, you move too fast, you can make the morning last with these classic scents from the 60's. (leather tassels not included.)

Need to Repel Mosquitoes
Why poison your family with smoky chemicals when a fresh stick these popular Anna's Incense fragrances can do the trick. Those pesky backyard menaces won't stand a chance.

Need to Replace Dessert
Forget the pills, patches and Pilates. Burning one of these sticks after a satisfying meal will help quench the need for dessert and help melt away those unwanted pounds.

Need to Stimulate Romance
Put the OO back in your LA-LA with these scintillating scents. Make sure you are in the mood for love when you light up one of these popular lovers blends.